jaguar XF completes longest suspended journey over london’s water
images courtesy of jaguar land rover




completing the longest suspension ride over the water at canary wharf, london, the new jaguar ‘XF’ illustrated its lightness which is 190kg lower than the previous model and 80 kg less than its competitors. the 240 meter long and 18 meter high route which features two carbon cables measuring 34 mm in width, also showed the car’s balance, agility and its beauty. due to its low weight, the new sedan has a better efficiency, boasting a fuel consumption of less than four liters per 100 kilometers and emissions of 104g/km of CO2. outlining extra styling and performance details, the sportscar will be on display at the 2015 new york auto show.


the jag performs the world’s longest high-wire water crossing
all videos courtesy of jaguar




jim dowdall, famous hollywood stuntman was sitting behind the wheel of the car during the 240 meters of the journey, which lasted three minutes: ‘over my 35 years in the industry I’ve driven jaguars on many hollywood movie sets. however the biggest test for me on this stunt was the unpredictability of the elements. potential oscillation in the high-wires from wind speeds meant it added a real challenge. the wires are only 34mm in diameter so the journey required absolute precision, balance and control.’





‘canary wharf’s commuters stood still this morning when they saw what the XF was doing; it was lovely to bring a smile to their faces on their way to work. it seemed like the rush hour hustle stopped for a few minutes as the XF made its graceful journey above the water.’ said fiona pargeter, global PR communications director for jaguar land rover.

the suspended journey took three minutes


only two 34mm carbon wires, suspended 18 meters above water, supported the vehicle




front view of the car


the new XF is the third jaguar to be based on the brand’s advanced aluminum architecture




top view of the sports sedan


close up of the grille and front headlights


close up of the rear lights



ian callum, jaguar’s director of design, talks about its exterior styling


view of the luxurious interior