portable wind turbines by janulus offer electricity for every possible need
all images courtesy of janulus





the things people will do to lower their electricity bills. brothers einar and agust agustsson from iceland did just that. their company janulus built its first functioning wind turbine prototype and are now on a mission to manufacture four different sized ‘trinity’ power stations. they can be used to charge USB devices and to lower energy demands at home. 

janulus-trinity-portable-wind-turbines-designboom-02the small and  largest models




it’s lightweight and easy to setup system makes it user-friendly. ‘trinity’ comes with a 50, 400, 1000, and 2500 watt generators from 7500 to 300,000 mAh lithium ion batteries, weighing only from 650 grams. the wind turbines fold together into a cylinder making it easy to carry and travel with. by simply pulling out the blades and arranging the legs in either a tripod configuration or laid flat, the system is straightforward to organize.

janulus-trinity-portable-wind-turbines-designboom-03each is foldable for carrying



‘trinity’ has water resistance patent pending plugs to charge any USB device. on the larger versions, users will also find 110V/220V wall plugs that can be used as a power source or to feed power right into homes. it features an LED screen that displays battery status and setting needs. the jangles ‘trinity’ offers the freedom to charge any USB device anywhere in the world with sustainable, clean energy.

janulus-trinity-portable-wind-turbines-designboom-04USB outlet at the bottom plugs devices directly to the wind turbinejanulus-trinity-portable-wind-turbines-designboom-05 blades can be transformed for strong wind situationsjanulus-trinity-portable-wind-turbines-designboom-06 110/220V plug offers electricity to the homejanulus-trinity-portable-wind-turbines-designboom-07the largest sized turbine fits in a backyard janulus-trinity-portable-wind-turbines-designboom-09einar and agust agustsson with their first prototype