jarim koo goes bananas for his portable speaker design
all images courtesy of jarim koo




portable speakers have become a popular necessity for music lovers of all ages. the ‘banano’ by jarim koo takes a different approach, by looking at the way we interact with bananas. ‘by fusing our sensory experience of eating bananas onto a speaker, I designed this product with the metaphorical design expression, ‘listen to music deliciously and enjoy the taste of music in a comfortable mood’’, explains jarim koo. ‘I tried to provide unique and fun user experience by expanding a familiar sense into a product and stimulating consumers’ senses.’ 

jarim-koo-banano-bluetooth-speaker-designboom-02the bended panel also acts a loop for hanging




the unique experience of peeling back the front panel acts as a protective layer for the grille and also prevents dirt from entering the 45 mm full range speaker. by using a high-powered magnet at the tip of the bended cover, not only it does keep it closed when needed, but also acts as a loop for hanging the ‘banano’ anywhere. the surface is made of silicon, with only essential buttons on the uni-body. as a result, the speaker is very simple with a minimal aesthetic. the side only showcases a USB-C charging port and a 3.5 mm audio jack connector, with a cover when not in use. for a wireless connection, jarim koo decided to employ bluetooth and NFC technology to easily pair to other mobile devices. for night time listening, the speaker includes LED lighting  through the speaker grille for added functionality. 

jarim-koo-banano-bluetooth-speaker-designboom-03the side panel with a USB-C and auxiliary outputs    jarim-koo-banano-bluetooth-speaker-designboom-04the ‘banano’ only features the essential buttons jarim-koo-banano-bluetooth-speaker-designboom-05the speaker fuses LED lights   jarim-koo-banano-bluetooth-speaker-designboom-07the magnetic tip of the flexible paneljarim-koo-banano-bluetooth-speaker-designboom-08the top of the portable speaker