jarre addresses food waste by highlighting ancient preservation techniques
all images courtesy of jarre






a couple of ladies from montreal canada named gabrielle falardeau and elyse leclerc, are hard at work on designing systems that use ancestral techniques for food preservation without any electricity. the company jarre, has a series of three products, – ‘la denise I, II, and III’, that puts food in the foreground of any kitchen and makes them last using burying and watering processes. 

jarre-food-preservation-system-designboom-02‘la denise I’ uses sand to keep vegetables last longer




they use renewable materials from around north america, like walnut and maple woods to keep the ‘la denise’ durable to ensure that they become permanent staples in the house. temperature is key, so the team uses ceramics to keep the sands and water cool to establish a moist environment. after a very successful kickstarter campaign, jarre has become effective in sharing knowledge that combines design and healthy eating. jarre’s ambition is to offer a continuous line of products that are manufactured in montreal, that address the problem of food waste around the world. 

jarre-food-preservation-system-designboom-03‘la denise III’ is a draw that keeps food cool at just the right temperature 


jarre-food-preservation-system-designboom-04‘la denise II’ is a tray that uses water moisture for preservation  


jarre-food-preservation-system-designboom-05a water tray supplies a steady dose of moisture to the food