jeep has teased its first electric bicycle in a groundhog day-inspired super bowl ad starring billy murray. developed in partnership with all terrain electric bike producers quietkat, the american automobile manufacturer claims it’s the ‘most capable’ off-road mountain bike yet.

jeep unveils 1.5kW off-road electric bike with 40 mile range

images courtesy of jeep



the commercial features bill murray reprising his role from the 1993 hit movie groundhog day. murray can be seen riding in the snow on the bike with the groundhog, punxsutawney phil, in a basket at the front. the actual subject of the commercial is the jeep gladiator pickup truck but the new e-bike makes a cameo. 


according to quietkat, the bike will be able to do 40 miles on a single charge with the power and efficiency of the 750 watt electric motor. 4.8-inch fat tires can tackle the most extreme terrain and fire-link suspension has all the tractive capability of a four-wheeler.

jeep unveils 1.5kW off-road electric bike with 40 mile range



the e-bike, which is intended as a companion vehicle for jeep owners who fully want to go off-roading, won’t go on sale until june 2020. meanwhile, quietkat has published a splash page that reveals more details regarding the e-bike where users can sign up to receive more information.


project info


company: jeep
product: jeep e-bike
partners: quietkat
release: june 2020