jennifer in paradise.tif, the first photoshopped image from 1987
image © john knoll




imagine this: it’s 1987, and you’re sitting behind a computer, photoshopping your girlfriend on the beach in bora bora, while she gazes out towards to’opua island. it turns out, this exactly what john knoll, the co-creator of adobe photoshop was doing with a cutting-edge piece of hardware known as the pixar image computer. ‘I thought it was amazing,’ knoll says. ‘the fact that you could take an image from film, scan it in and turn it into digits and then manipulate those numbers and put it back out on to piece of film – it meant that there was literally no limit to what you could do to it in the middle.’ the photograph, which knoll later titled ‘jennifer in paradise’ would later become known as the first photoshopped image. ‘it was good to do demos with,’ knoll adds. ‘it was pleasing to look at and there were a whole bunch of things you could do with that image technically.’


watch history repeat itself below, as john knoll, recreates the first demo he ever gave with his industry-changing product.



video courtesy photoshop


[h/t] the guardian