jens voigt farewell trek bike commemorates his cycling accomplishments
images courtesy of trek factory racing




at the berlin eurobike 2014 show, trek factory racing is displaying a commemorative custom ‘madone 7 series’ bike and kit for jen voigt’s farewell tour. the bicycle has a chrome finish that took trek project one artists over a week to perfectly polish. from working with jens in the past, the designers understood the moments and teams throughout his 17 year career that hold the most significance. these design details have been incorporated as a graphic that runs the length of the top tube. as well, his attacking break-away mentality has been memorialized on the down pipe as it features a running tally of the number of souls he has crushed during his cycling time.

his famous quote ‘shut up legs! shut up body!’ is also remembered on the top tube




his bontrager velocis helmet and XXX shoes are kitted out in chrome to match his dedicatory bike and features similar artwork to that painted on the top tube. in memory of his elite spirit his customized jersey has ‘farewell fans!’ written on its back and details a ‘one last time’ message lower on the rear panels of his shorts to reflect how he won’t stop pushing for a break-away until his last race is over.

the bontrager helmet features complimentary graphics to that on the customized bike