submersible 'jet shark' prototype swiftly sinks, glides, and leaps under and overwater

submersible 'jet shark' prototype swiftly sinks, glides, and leaps under and overwater

submersible ‘jet shark’ follows ‘subreacher’


Sharks might be dubbed as an underwater giant fish to avoid, but in Rob Innes and Dan Piazza’s vision, the design team behind the vehicle, they are submersibles that swiftly fly underwater before they leap and momentarily soar, bouncing back onto the water again.


Rightly named ‘Jet Shark’, the shark-shaped submersible comes through as the revamped version of the watercraft Seabreacher, a two-seater personal watercraft that takes the form of a shark, killer whale, and even a dolphin. The all-new Jet Shark is larger than the three models of its predecessor, powered by a marine version of the Corvette V8 engine which Innes says is enough to allow the watercraft to go in the sea and flip, spin, and glide for some freestyle water riding. 

jet shark submersible
images courtesy of Jet Shark



Buoyant watercraft that sits four people


Just like its name, the design of the submersible resembles a tech- and an engine-driven shark that can be manned by a pilot. Four passengers (pilot included) can enjoy the adrenaline rush Jet Shark offers as the spacious, air-conditioned cockpit seats them all comfortably with the leather-looking cushioned seating.


The wing doors easily flap open and lock using a lever by the pilot section. Innes says that if the riders want to treat Jet Shark like a normal boat for relaxing cruising, they can leave the doors open without a hassle. If they are looking for the opposite and are up for some crazy, fun-filled ride both under and over water, locking the doors before taking Jet Shark for a spin looks like a must.

jet shark submersible
aerial view



Jet Shark floats well, and its design prevents the watercraft from completely sinking. Its small fins on the side help the vehicle from being stuck in a flipped position and roll it over so it goes back to its original riding position.


The snorkel-looking airfoil above Jet Shark enjoys the view of the landscape while the watercraft is sunk below through the installed camera at the center of it. It allows the pilot to see what is happening on the surface, preventing any accidents such as crashing into another watercraft or a swimmer. 


The Jet Shark team says that their prototype model is still in the development phase, but potential owners can express their interest in the submersible this year on its website. As the design team calls their prototype, ‘if the Subreacher was a nimble race car, then the Jet Shark is the luxury GT Cruiser.’

jet shark submersible
the watercraft can sink and glide underwater

jet shark submersible
in an instant, it can also leap


Jet Shark submersible prototype

jet shark submersible
testing the prototype

jet shark submersible
the airfoil above has an installed camera for surveillance




project info:


name: Jet Shark

team: Rob Innes and Dan Piazza

company: Innespace Productions

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