JET sports smart-glasses created by recon instruments and woke design
images courtesy of recon instruments and woke design




the first generation of consumer sports smart-glasses called ‘JET’ are on the market from december 2014, announces woke design. developed by recon instruments and afshin mehin, the lightweight TR90 plastic frame integrates a HUD (heads-up display) to show critical statistics and information to the user. the projection is located in the lower right corner of the eye, making it easy to glance at without blocking peripheral vision.


recon jet suitable for triathlon athletes
videos courtesy of recon instruments




‘JET’ keeps the wearer connected effortlessly via bluetooth, by displaying caller ID, text messages and social media notifications at any time. it is controlled by a precision optical touch-pad located at the front of the right module which supports multiple hand gestures. the nine hour battery lasting device is built with a 1 Ghz dual core microprocessor and features 8GB of memory, GPS, altimeter, temperature sensor and a camera.


afshin mehin explains that they want ‘to create a wearable device capable of delivering critical activity-specific information in a discreet and practical way, while preserving the user’s freedom of movement and activity’.

recon-instruments-JET sports-smart-glasses-designboom02
the display shows heart rate, cadence power output, speed, pace, distance, time and vertical ascent




‘for me, the product had to be reliable, durable and resilient against the elements while feeling unobtrusive and easy to wear,’ afshin mehin says. ‘the overall aesthetic had to be very respectful of the person’s face so we conducted extensive research into understanding the aesthetics of what makes a really great pair of sports sunglasses. then, we began to infuse that design DNA into the HUD technology to create a cohesive language that would merge eyewear and technology. we designed JET to respond with emotional intelligence, as well as functional intelligence, to a very specific need’.


he continued to explain that ‘JET is all about providing the simplest user experience for the most complex data. we aimed for its technology to blend into everyday life, and for the design to deliver a typical pair of sports sunglasses that people really want to wear’.

recon-instruments-JET sports-smart-glasses-designboom03
it connects wirelessly to third party devices


recon-instruments-JET sports-smart-glasses-designboom04
front view of JET


recon-instruments-JET sports-smart-glasses-designboom05
side on view


recon-instruments-JET sports-smart-glasses-designboom06



former cyclist pro, george hincapie tests out the sports glasses