after the successful launch of its prototype in 2018, swedish startup jetson is back with its consumer version of the jetson one eVTOL. available in 18 units — of which 15 have already been reserved — the personal electric aerial vehicle is here for anyone to own. and although all vehicles for 2022 have been sold, the company is now taking orders for vehicles to be delivered in 2023.


‘our mission is to make flight available to everyone,’ said peter ternstrom, founder of jetson. ‘the jetson ONE is an electric helicopter that you can own and fly. we intend to make everyone a pilot.’

the jetson ONE is a personal eVTOL that anyone can fly
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after successfully completing hundreds of flights, jetson presents the jetson ONE. the new design still uses coaxial motors configuration, which ensures safe landing even if one motor fails. redundant sensors onboard jetson’s electronic flight computer keep safe flight parameters and can maintain a stable hover even when the user’s hands are off the controls. a decision has been made to design a unique exoskeleton safety cell which encloses the pilot’s body entirely. it turned out to be quite a challenge to make it lightweight and strong at the same time. such roll cages are used in motorsports where they have saved many lives.


‘the jetson ONE is built around a rigid aluminum spaceframe with eight powerful electric motors,’ said tomasz patan – founder and technical director. ‘it utilizes composite carbon fiber and cutting-edge 3D printed components, making it an extremely lightweight design. it is also equipped with many safety features including a redundant propulsion system and a ballistic parachute. it is a dream to fly.’

the jetson ONE is a personal eVTOL that anyone can fly


the pilot sits in a carbon/kevlar composite bucket seat and is strapped down with a safety harness. additional reinforced panels around the torso, head and legs keep the pilot well protected inside the cell. the final key element is a ballistically deployed parachute that in the absolutely worst-case scenario can bring the aircraft, and it’s precious cargo down safely.

the jetson ONE is a personal eVTOL that anyone can fly


naturally, the company also collected all data and experience and know-how gained from testing the first prototype to rethink the whole propulsion system and figure out the ways to improve the efficiency and flight time. this along with many other small improvements resulted in brushless motors being re-designed from the ground up together with bigger carbon fiber propellers.

the jetson ONE is a personal eVTOL that anyone can fly


all in all a slower rotating efficient propeller was able to produce more thrust being much more quiet in operation at the same time. admittedly there is still a limitation to battery technology of today but flight time has been increased to 15-20 minutes depending on pilot weight and flight conditions.


jetson ONE also uses swappable batteries that greatly shorten time to prepare it for take-off.



project info:


name: jetson ONE
designer: tomasz patan
site: jetson ONE