jruiter consumer car: the ‘consumer′ car is the latest project by joey ruiter, the same designer who gave the traditional buggy a complete reboot; and built a perfect isosceles triangle floating vessel. ruiter has been redefining the aesthetics of vehicles for some time, and now he’s turned his attention to car design with his latest work, ‘consumer’.




jruiter’s ‘consumer’ is based upon a conventional automotive platform: it has four wheels; it is machine designed to drive on this planet. the design of the ‘consumer’ is refined to a complete minimalist form, with an approach taken to dismiss as many conventions of automotive design as possible.

body style: 0 door



most automotive designers have a tendency to start designs looking at the wheels. ruiter completely disregards the wheels as an element, discreetly concealing them almost entirely under the body, creating the impression this is a levitating vehicle. the body itself is a matte-black low trapezoidal form.

jruiter consumer designboom
L x W x H: 135″ x 74.25″ front, 60″ rear x 33″



decorating the front of the vehicle is a two-way mirror that can both reflect the environment around it; and masks the three bright bands of LED’s beneath it. the mirror is angled down to save other drivers from blinding themselves with their own headlights, and is bordered by an air intake duct for the front-mounted engine.

jruiter consumer designboom
weight: 1250 lbs



the overall design cues, ruiter revealed to motor1, ‘consumes everything: light; darkness; air; and space.’


the ‘consumer’ name itself is a flippant play on words about our own culture, plus a statement highlighting the strongest element of the car’s overall design–the expressive grille.

jruiter consumer designboom
joey ruiter holds a ‘consumer’ prototype

jruiter consumer designboom