somerset bike’s rounded frame glides components for convenient folding
all images courtesy kaiser chang





the ‘somerset’ bike by kaiser chang has an oval-shaped tube frame that acts as a slide rail, adapting the front fork to slide down to transform to a hand cart for quick transporting needs. this design’s circular steel structure and semi-arc frame gives ‘somerset’ a fresh form to city riding. the problem most riders are facing are transportation needs between the home and the mass transit system followed by the tail end of a commute to their job. kaiser chang’s design targets a market of foldable bicycles that can co-exist with transit and bus stations. since the folding process of the bike is convenient, the whole system can be easily changed into an electric folding bike, for added flexibility.

kaiser-chang-somerset-folding-bike-designboom-02the ‘somerset’ bike folded togetherkaiser-chang-somerset-folding-bike-designboom-03aimed at riders who also take public transportationkaiser-chang-somerset-folding-bike-designboom-04oval-shape can also fit a cargo bagkaiser-chang-somerset-folding-bike-designboom-05the fluid folding processkaiser-chang-somerset-folding-bike-designboom-06‘somerset’ concept can be adapted for an e-bikekaiser-chang-somerset-folding-bike-designboom-07 kaiser-chang-somerset-folding-bike-designboom-08 kaiser-chang-somerset-folding-bike-designboom-09concept prototypes kaiser-chang-somerset-folding-bike-designboom-10wireframe layout