kanye west has made headlines for his meeting with donald trump, where the american rapper revealed a concept for an apple-made, hydrogen-powered plane called ‘iplane 1’ that he wants to replace air force one. naturally, the idea has been met with scepticism.


immediately after kanye west revealed his iphone passcode to the world, he said that apple should build trump the iplane1.I brought a GIF with me right here,’ west said in the oval office on thursday. ‘this right here is the iplane 1. it’s a hydrogen-powered airplane, and this is what our president should be flying in. we’re going to have apple, an american company, work on this plane.’ not only humorous was west’s eagerness to reveal to the president his plane but that the render he showed was a mock-up taken from a designer who created it about six years ago.


actually responsible for the design is student shabtai hirshberg who posted a concept for overhauling the design of commercial airlines on his behance portfolio in 2015. in the photos west showed to the president the original branding appears to have been removed.


west went on to say: ‘we’re going to have apple – an american company – work on this plane.’ his motivation for choosing apple was somewhat outlined in his ramblings about how america doesn’t make anything and how changing the planes would improve the US image overseas. a hydrogen plane runs off a fuel cell which combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce an electrical current meaning it only omits water vapor as its exhaust. interesting seeing as trump is convinced that global warming is just a concept made up by the chinese.


anyways, this sort of technology has a long way to go since the first hydrogen plane capable of carrying more than one rider didn’t fly until 2016. from reports its clear hirshberg, and without a doubt apple, have no official involvement in the project so right now we can safely put this down as a stunt.