karim rashid co-founds push & shove with inaugural bump charging bundle
all images courtesy of push & shove




karim rashid, richard smiedt and phil king teamed up together to create a new company called push and shove. shoulder to shoulder, they create products that give equal weight to form and function, understanding that well-imagined products can look beautiful while performing engagingly. their first product is called ‘bump’ – a wall charger and power bank, flanked by a one meter premium charging cable, encased in a small frame. it eliminates the knotty tangle of power cords that users always currently endure. 

the cord hides inside the looped silicon holder




made of three main parts; a cable holder, wall plug and cables, the bundle includes everything you need to charge all your mobile devices. the holder folds and stores easily, and is made from high quality silicone rubber. small enough to fit in a pocket, it keeps cables from ever tangling. the power bank has folding prongs to connect to a wall plug and is compatible with all USB devices. with its 3400 mAh lithium ion cell, it provides up to 1.5x of extra battery life and includes a charge status indicator to inform the user. 

the power bank includes an indicator




‘I’ve always been interested in softening our physical landscape,’ explains karim rashid.  ‘I’ve created many blob-like forms over the years, even going so far as coining the word ‘BLOBJECTS’ in 1991, a term meant to communicate sensual minimalism. this means there are no straight lines, yet the object is minimal, without any superfluous adornment.

the bundle comes in four different colors




‘I’ve been successful creating perfume bottles, furniture, lighting, packaging, interiors, objects, etc. that were blobjects, but in the tech world I met a lot of opposition creating softer objects that speak about energy, fluidity, and data-driven languages. I designed blobjects for sony in the late nineties, a rounded soft television for samsung, a rounded laptop for asus, and recently an organically- shaped mobile phone for a startup. yet there was always resistance and these objects never saw the marketplace. they never came to market because of economics, manufacturing limitation (printed circuit boards and operating systems are built in grids), marketing fears, gender biases, and just because of a prevailing ‘metoo-ism’.’

the folded prongs 




‘so finally I am pleased to be the co-founder of a new start-up, push & shove, launching our first product. bump is an all-in-one charger with an innovative cord management solution. it took so much persistence, perseverance, and nine prototypes to get this powerful product engineered into a small, organic form. I am so pleased with the results and the world can look forward to many more bump products to come. bump epitomizes my philosophy of the organization, visual elevation, and humanizing of our everyday objects.’

it charge a smartphone directly while still charging itself

the battery offers 1.5 times of extra life

karim rashid’s concept drawing