nicola formichetti brings mixed-reality 3D printed art and AI clothes to london fashion week

nicola formichetti brings mixed-reality 3D printed art and AI clothes to london fashion week

SYKY hosts kay kwok and taskin goec’s mixed-reality pieces


Designers KWK (Kay Kwok) and Taskin Goec launch the mixed-reality pieces of their custom 3D-printed art – the ones worn by Beyoncé, Björk, and Karol G – and partly AI-made apparel during London Fashion Week, which runs from February 16th to 20th, 2024. The release was introduced by the luxury fashion platform SYKY during the event, and these works from KWK and Taskin Goec are on display both in physical and digital formats. The show is curated by SYKY’s Artistic Director, Nicola Formichetti, who has previously worked with KWK and Taskin Goec.

3D printed art mixed reality
images courtesy of SYKY



Kay kwok’s 3D-printed art for beyonce, Björk and karol g


KWK (Kay Kwok)’s custom 3D-printed art pieces for celebrities and performers are exhibited both physically and digitally. Each art piece is 3D-printed and finished in chrome and has been worn on special occasions by celebrities and performers. On SYKY’s stage, the collection features the piece Beyoncé wore for the Renaissance Tour, the 3D-printed art tailored to Björk from his Chapter 4 and Chapter 2 series, and the spiraling accessory Karol G put on for the Rolling Stone, September 2023 issue. These real-life 3D-printed art pieces by KWK get their digital twins as SYKY pursues its mixed-reality fashion sphere.

kay kwok taskin goec mixed-reality
Kay Kwok’s 3D-printed art collection



Taskin goec trained AI model for his fashion pieces


Taskin Goec, a Berlin-based and mixed-reality atelier and designer, trained a custom AI model based on his previous works and styles to come up with a hybrid collection showcased through SYKY. The resulting garments highlight rich texture generated by his AI model and refined physically by hand through pleating, fraying, and printing techniques. In the digital space, Taskin Goec’s collection retains its physical features through cloth simulations and procedural node setups. For SYKY, his collection comprises seven digital fashion pieces and The Bouquet Baseball Cap, a centerpiece design that nestles flowers inside the vessel. The Last Dance is the name of Taskin Goec’s collection for SYKY. His grime-print leather baseball cap is constructed with a built-in stem holder, so the wearer can plant a flower on top of their head as they walk, and the physical collectible is 3D-printed in Nappa Leather and hand stitched.

3D printed art mixed reality
Beyonce NFT custom 3D printed art worn for the Renaissance Tour



Taskin Goec’s collection also comprises a draped oil leather jacket with a detachable bouquet collar over a twisted hoodie in Pepto-pink, a mini skirt with stripes of frayed silk gazar, a duo of sleeve outdoor jacket and bare jeans in acid treated denim and polyurethane-coated twill, a bone-colored leather button-up jumpsuit, and a set of sculptural jeans and a bouquet top where preserved Amaranthus flowers bloom. Taskin Goec also created a pleated dress in acid chartreuse, a dress in a linen net with interwoven strips of latex, and a distorted and hooded puffer jacket with laser-cut flowers over a twisted silk crepe shirt.

3D printed art mixed reality
Björk NFT 3D printed art from KWK Chapter 4 and Chapter 2 series



Fans of mixed-reality fashion pieces can acquire the physical or digital items of the collections, or both, brought to life by 3D-printing and a trained AI model. SYKY says that KWK and Taskin Goec’s collections showcased at London Fashion Week are to be sold on its website, available for purchase in crypto and fiat currency (USD). KWK’s exclusive drop marks the beginning of ‘SYKY Drops’ too, which is a series of monthly releases of digital and physical pieces, held on the first Friday of every month.

3D printed art mixed reality
Karol G NF custom 3D printed art for Rolling Stone September 2023 Issue

3D printed art mixed reality
styled shot of Karol G’s custom 3D printed art for Rolling Stone September 2023 Issue


Taskin Goec’s The Last Dance collection made with trained AI model’s help

3D printed art mixed reality
top: a pleated dress in acid chartreuse| bottom: a dress in a linen net with interwoven strips of latex

3D printed art mixed reality
(left to right, collection’s names): MUTATE, UNFURL, TRANSCEND


SYKY introduces the mixed-reality pieces of Kay Kwok and Taskin Goec’s art and fashion pieces

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