wondering if your hair can last another day without a wash? now there’s an app that can tell you. thanks to kérastase and withings’ smart hairbrush, bad hair days may be a thing of the past. aptly named ‘hair coach’, the brush brings smart technology to your morning routine. first unveiled at CES 2017, ‘hair coach’ uses sensors to collect data about the condition your hair, and send it over to your smartphone along with tips for a personalized hair-care routine.




the paddle brush uses microphone and conductivity sensors to analyze the condition of your hair. by listening to the sound of each strand working its way through the bristles, the brush can tell if your hair is dry, damaged or greasy. the device has an in-built accelerometer that recognizes if you’re brushing the roots of your hair or the ends, and takes into consideration that the ends—having been more exposed to the elements—are probably dryer.




by measuring hair manageability, frizziness, split ends and breakage, the smart brush goes on to provide you with a hair health score, which it sends straight to a custom app on your smartphone via WiFi or bluetooth. the app will also let you know the predicted weather for that day, so you never get caught in the rain with freshly-washed hair again.




the ‘hair coach’ also looks into your brushing techniques, and tells you what you might be doing wrong. should you be applying too much pressure, your smart brush will let you know. the device also counts your brush strokes to make sure you’re giving your mane enough care. if you’re resolving to treat your hair better in the future, the brush will tell you if your habits have improved over time.




once enough data is collected, a personal hair-care routine is put together via the ‘hair coach’ app. the device gives you tips on how to improve your hair health, and recommends products that are suitable. in the future, this data may be zapped straight to your hairdresser, so they know exactly how to treat it when you need a cut.