jens martin skibsted from KiBiSi replaces down tube with wire lock for biomega BOS bicycle




developed to thrive in congested and challenging urban city environments, designer jens martin skibsted from KiBiSi created the biomega ‘BOS’ bicycle. utilizing oversized tubing and burly tires to handle whatever challenges comes its way, it includes a basket that can fold for extra practicality.

biomega ‘BOS’ bicycle




the bike includes an integrated wire lock safety system instead of a down tube. if the lock is cut the bicycle frame breaks, making it unusable. the biomega ‘BOS’ has a carbon external belt drive that strong, quiet and requires little to no maintenance compared to a chain system. it’s grease-free, oil-free and riders will never have to pull over to fix a dropped bike chain. 

the all-aluminum frame is makes the bike weigh 15.3 kilograms

‘BOS’ bike with basket

if a thief attempts to steal by cutting the wire, the frame looses it’s structural integrity  biomega-bos-8-speed-bicycle-designboom-08