build and program kids hack day’s quirkbot robots with drinking straws
images courtesy of kids hack day




the ‘quirkbot’ robots are hackable toys for those aged 10 years old and above, that can be built from drinking straws, LEDS and hobby motors, and programmed via kids hack day’s website. the microcontroller machines are designed for beginner thinkerers, educators, artists, inventors, engineers and anyone who wants to have some creative fun. they can be constructed and customized without the need for soldering, using the materials of the swedish company’s collaborative partner, strawbee. the prototypes have been tested by children at their events across the globe, but are seeking funding via their kickstarter campaign in order to begin production and freely release their software.


an assortment of robots can be made and programmed
video courtesy of quirkbot


build and program kids hack day's quirkbot robots with drinking straws
the dogbot is one such creation


motions, sounds and lights can be customized to each individual robot




pictured is the quirkbot which can be added to using materials such as straws


LEDs with sensors can be added and used using the ‘squeeze on electronics’ system