the ‘kisai 3D unlimited’ watch by tokyo flash

the ‘kisai 3D unlimited‘ watch by tokyo flash transforms standard digital numerals into a 3D-effect display. the time– and upon a button press, date– is depicted on a hexagonal screen suggestive of a three-dimensional cube, with each face illustrating a single digit.

the watches feature a stainless steel case and band, with screens in seven different colour combinations. its LCD screen is always on, with an EL backlight that offers illumination in dark environments.

the watches are available for purchase, at a limited-time two-day launch price of 120 USD, returning to 145 USD on august 11th, 2011.

kisai 3D digital watch watch with red LCD, depicting 9:01

kisai 3D digital watch side view

kisai 3D digital watch black steel watch with blue LCD, depicting 9:34

kisai 3D digital watch silver steel with orange LCD, depicting 10:27

kisai 3D digital watch silver steel with pink LCD, depicting 10:28

kisai 3D digital watch black watch with blue LCD

video demo of ‘kisai 3D unlimited’

via endadget