branded as a ‘digital knitting machine,’ kniterate is the start of a future where you can design your clothes online, and 3D print them at the touch of a button. intended as a affordabe and compact alternative to industrial knitting machines, kniterate allows you to design an individual creation in its computerized app, and send it straight to the machine to be knitted up as a garment. designs can be created from scratch via kniterate’s own application, or imported into the app from other programs. even those without experience in design can use the machine, choosing from and customizing a wide selection of patterns incorporated within the app.




kniterate has been influenced by the huge potential of knitwear to cut waste in the process of producing garments. unlike cut-and-sew patterns, knitted products are made to shape, and excess yarn is reusable. after having watched fashion students struggle with old knitting machines during his time at design school, founder gerard rubio realized that in contrast to the revolution that made 3D printers affordable, automated digital knitting machines have been out of reach due to high costs and size. unlike domestic machines from the 80s that work with punch cards and taskts like casting on, off, and shaping, the resulting ‘kniterate’ machine is computer controlled just like an industrial machine yet is adapted to suit the budget of individual studios or homes.




the machine has six yarn carries for use with different colors or materials, along with smart yarm tensioners equipped with sensors for yarm breakage and large knots. the needle selection is all controlled via a computer, and the delicate machine is protected from dust via transparent sliding doors. to avoid any limiitations in production, the machine is compatible with any yarn.




the kniterate software is designed for creation from scratch, along with the possibility to design using standard templates. the creator will be able to drag and rop from a variety of stitches, and even import images and text into their creations. designs can also be easily imported to kniterate from other programs. the software even comes with an in-built social media platform for users to share creations with other independent designers.