koenigsegg concludes final chapter of agera series with three last limited editions
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swedish automotive company koenigsegg announced the creation of a very limited edition (only three) ‘agera’, which will be the last of the historic model – the ‘one of 1 agera final’. unveiled at the 2016 geneva motor show, the unique vehicle is based on the ‘agera RS’ that will never be duplicated again. 

the koenigsegg ‘one of 1 agera final’ 
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the ‘agera final’ program has been designed specifically with a view to optimizing the vehicle for the customer’s desired purpose. in the case of the ‘one of 1’, the customer wanted the exact same performance technicalities as previous models, while adding a panoramic ceiling, storable roof and full luggage space. the ‘one of 1’ is fitted with an upgraded one million watt engine and weighs just 1,380 kilograms. it also features front air vents and a top-mounted air intake that were significant in increasing downforce and performance. the designers worked directly with the owner to overcome challenges and deliver solutions that maintain the aerodynamic and performance requirements. 

the vehicles are tailored made for each customer 
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a custom double blade rear wing, air intake, front splitter and side skirts were all designed using computational fluid dynamics to optimize downforce. in addition, koenigsegg used 3D printing to fabricate the twin-exit titanium exhaust outlet. find out more from the 2016 geneva motor show here

the model is based on the famous ‘agera RS’ 
image courtesy of koenigsegg

changes include rearranged front air intakes for luggage space 
image courtesy of koenigsegg

the customer requested that the roof be removable 
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the interior cabin lined with carbon fiber 
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the koenigsegg at the 2016 geneva motor show 
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