the ‘kube2’ mp3 player by bluetree electronics

produced by singapore technology company bluetree electronics, the ‘kube2‘ is billed as the world’s smallest touch mp3 player.

the device is the second generation of ‘the kube’, a colourful plastic mp3 player that the company released two years ago. by contrast, ‘kube2’ is composed of an aluminum body with a touch sensor for screen navigation. swiping one’s thumb along the faceplate skips to the previous or next track; holding a finger to the top or bottom of the device raises or lowers the volume respectively; and pulling in the proper diagonal movements pauses playback or enacts shuffle mode. removable sticker skins offer a customizable look for the device.

‘kube2’ has a battery life of six hours of continuous play, charging to completion via USB in one hour. the device is compatible with microSD cards ranging from 512 megabytes to 32 gigabytes (about 8000 songs).

currently available only in singapore, the ‘kube2’ retails for approximately 35 USD with a 4GB memory card. the device will be on exhibition at CES 2012 in january, in advance of its worldwide release.

kube2 mp3 player full rear view

kube2 mp3 player the device with a sticker skin

kube2 mp3 player applying the skin

kube2 mp3 player stickers retail for about 4 USD

kube2 mp3 player examples of device featuring different skins

via popgadget