la boite concept features all-in-one traditional speaker system at maison et objet 
all images courtesy of la boite concept




the ‘LP 160’ by french company la boite concept is a high end all-in-one loudspeaker system which gives listeners the best sound from traditional audio devices such as turntables and discs, or wireless devices like tablets and smartphones. ‘LP 160’ was designed by la boite founder timothée cagniard and technical director yvon maurel, and was carried out at the company’s R&D lab in aquitaine, france.  timothée input all his family’s knowledge of traditional Hi-Fi and his vision of how it is used today in order to anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

la-boite-concept-LP-160-loudspeaker-designboom-02seamless and clean, the ‘LP 160’ features only one output cable



the system has a rigid wooden cabinet with control panels that are manufactured from solid aluminum. the side support legs and covers are made to order in black lacquered piano-like plywood or solid oak tree. yvon maurel, a PhD in electro-acoustics, has been a researcher in the field for 15 years and is well-know for having created many prestigious loudspeakers. he developed the layout and the complex internal reflectors to give it an incomparable sound stability.

la-boite-concept-LP-160-loudspeaker-designboom-03comes in both black lacquered or solid oak tree




the integrated analogue amplifier delivers natural sound and also combines the latest digital sound treatment, so it is part of the era of dematerialized Hi-Fi music market. its digital audio file converter delivers dynamic high quality sound, whatever the source being used. its fused storage space allows it to house the most high performance sources and wireless receivers on the market rationally and discreetly. one power socket is all the user needs to make the whole audio system work.

la-boite-concept-LP-160-loudspeaker-designboom-04the liftable lid




all the ‘LP 160’s’ components have been developed specifically for it, in order to optimize each setting and combination of acoustics and electronics. three years of research was necessary to create a design that reproduces all frequencies in a dynamic and linear way. the unique system means that, despite its compact size, it offers natural listening conditions, very close to those obtained when listening to an orchestra live. optimizing the whole signal processing chain, via pre-amplification, converters, amplification and filtering, to the loudspeakers offers unprecedented performance. it clears the tones of extreme frequencies and gives a pure dynamic to sound recordings as close as possible to the original sound. the la boite concept ‘LP 160’ was featured at the maison et objet 2016 in paris.

 la-boite-concept-LP-160-loudspeaker-designboom-05 the two integrated loudspeakers la-boite-concept-LP-160-loudspeaker-designboom-06the record plugs directly into the cohesive amplifier  la-boite-concept-LP-160-loudspeaker-designboom-07the fused legs with the cabinet system  la-boite-concept-LP-160-loudspeaker-designboom-08the table top can also act as a desk  la-boite-concept-LP-160-loudspeaker-designboom-09the aluminum casing inside la-boite-concept-LP-160-loudspeaker-designboom-10the rear audio inputs