espresso machine concept designed by la marzocco offers maximum pressure control
all images courtesy of la marzocco




a union of performance, ergonomics and design, la marzocco‘s ‘la curva’ radically alters the way people brew coffee through a modern interpretation of the lever machine standards of the 1950s. it gives the barista maximum control over pressure and security when pulling the desired coffee shot and provides greater thermal stability. 

la-marzocco-la-curva-espresso-machine-concept-designboom-02the manual handles for adjusting the pressure




compared to most lever machines currently on the market, the ‘la curva’ prototype, which is entirely handmade in stainless steel, reveals cutting edge patented technology: more flexibility, with a safety lever system that reduces strain by 50%. the machine offers the possibility to modify the preloaded spring within the piston inside the extraction chamber. the la marzcocco model allows for a particular extraction from each group, as well as rapid regulation of pre-infusion pressure, adapting itself to any type of coffee blend.

la-marzocco-la-curva-espresso-machine-concept-designboom-03translucent panels offer a glimpse into the espresso machine




a special pressure gauge detects the pressure of the water while it is actually filtering the coffee, with the added advantage of showing the actual pressure of the extraction. the original ergonomic design of ‘la curva’ is user-friendly to the both the barista and the technician. in addition to the easily adjustable tray, the machine’s lever permits a hormonal grip that doesn’t require any change of movement.

la-marzocco-la-curva-espresso-machine-concept-designboom-04‘la curva’ prototype allows for a particular extraction from each group  la-marzocco-la-curva-espresso-machine-concept-designboom-05the handles face towards the user for easier pressure applicationla-marzocco-la-curva-espresso-machine-concept-designboom-06a special pressure gauge detects the pressure of the water