la strana officina customizes fix-geared bicycle in lavish 24k gold details
all images courtesy of la strana officina




bike design. from a tiny factory in tuscany italy, la strana officina creates prestigious bicycle designs that become more like pieces of art work then daily commuters. their latest creation the ‘cellini uomo’ is based on a sleek and sporty steel frame with aggressive details that make it truly unique. 

the handlebar was dipped in 24 karat gold plating bath




the painting process is done in stages, with matte black covering the final bronzing so the paint does not intervene with the luster and finish. to highlight the gold details, the team decided to adopt a galvanic 24 karat gilding. the drop down track handlebar is half gold plated and the remaining covered in faux snakeskin as well as the saddle. the brake lever is based on a joystick design that slows down the front wheel. the pair of pedals use a titanium central axis paired with bearings that expose the anodized gold details. the la strana officina ‘cellini uomo’ is designed for both the velodrome or the roads ready for anything type of riding. 

joy-stick style front brake lever

anodized bike pedals 

twisted tired spokes