LA100 flying UAV drone for GoProimage courtesy lehmann aviation




developed by french lehmann aviation, the LA100is conceived as the world’s first fully autonomous UAV drone aircraft. designed for capturing images and HD video using a GoPro, the system takes flight at heights of 80-100 meters, returning automatically to the user within 5 minutes. with options to mount the camera on the top wing or bottom wing for simultaneous use of two GoPro’s, the unit is capable of withstanding harsh environments and diverse climate conditions: from -25°C to +60°C, humid or dry air and high wind resistance. made mostly out of carbon fiber and foam, the LA100 is also easy to transport,  weighing less than 1 kg with a wingspan of less than 1 meter long.

L series flying UAV drone aircraft for GoPro cameraGoPro hero 3 mountimage courtesy lehmann aviation


LA100 UAV videovideo courtesy lehmann aviation