LaCie asks neil poulton and porsche design to create series of hard drive solutions
all images courtesy of LaCie





in las vegas at the CES 2016, premium hard drive brand at seagate technology LaCie, unveiled two ranges of storage solutions – ‘chromé’ by neil poulton and ‘porsche design drives’ by porsche design studio. each series of hard drives is complete with forward thinking USB-C connectors and aluminum enclosures.

LaCie-chrome-neil-poulton-porsche-design-drive-CES-2016-designboom-02the ‘chromé’ by neil poulton




the ‘chromé’ by neil poulton has been designed to bring uncommon sophistication to a workspace. the elevated form is an homage to a 1935 bronze statue from constantin brancusi, one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century. once machined, the enclosure is hand assembled, then chromed to a mirror polish. forged from solid chromed zinc, the stand securely docks the product with powerful neodymium magnets and detaches for each transport. 


‘the LaCie chromé is a concept reduced to its essence: a rectangle tilted onto its corner, melting into its base like quicksilver,’ explains designer neil poulton. 

 LaCie-chrome-neil-poulton-porsche-design-drive-CES-2016-designboom-03the main hard component disconnects from the base




the 1 TB ‘chromé’ is engineered for the long term, from the enclosure to the internal competes, to endure up to 940 MB/s speed storage tasks. its unique all-aluminum frame is lightweight yet sturdy with each machined from solid aluminum blocks for rigid durability and heat dissipation. since effective cooling ensures long-term component health, the LaCie ‘chromé’ features a blower that introduces cool air and a heat sink that draws hot air away from the solid-state drives. 

 LaCie-chrome-neil-poulton-porsche-design-drive-CES-2016-designboom-04the rear view 



alongside the ‘chromé’, LaCie also launched the ‘porsche design drives’. housed also in sleek all-aluminum enclosures, the lineup of 1TB, 2TB and 4TB hard drives focus on portability and a compact form factor. the rounded corners, high polished beveled edges and a sandblast finish combine to form the distinctly porsche design themes and elegant style. beyond aesthetics, the solid aluminum enclosed is also scratch resistant, protects the hard drive mechanics and dissipates heat for optimal performance. 


‘discerning consumers value elegant design in their devices and accessories,’ describes porsche design CEO, dr. christian kurtzke. ‘these new drives meld high-tech materials with the sleek visual purism of porsche design’s iconic style.’

LaCie-chrome-neil-poulton-porsche-design-drive-CES-2016-designboom-05the ‘porsche design drives’ by porsche design studio




since 2003, LaCie and porsche design have worked closely to deliver products with functionality in its purest form. by harnessing the power of USB-C, the drives will charge a laptop’s battery when the driver’s power supply is connected to the wall outlet. via a single cable, users can power their notebook and access their drive at the same time. with this feature, users will appreciate fewer cables on their desktops, and they can conveniently leave their laptop’s power cable in a briefcase or travel bag. both the LaCie ‘chromé’ and ‘porsche design drives’ will be available as early as this march through select resellers and online. 

LaCie-chrome-neil-poulton-porsche-design-drive-CES-2016-designboom-06the portable hard drives connect to also charge any laptop through one USBLaCie-chrome-neil-poulton-porsche-design-drive-CES-2016-designboom-07they come in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB sizesLaCie-chrome-neil-poulton-porsche-design-drive-CES-2016-designboom-08the all-aluminum enclosure is rounded with high polished beveled edges