lamborghini takes aim at improving traction with rear-wheel drive huracan
all images courtesy lamborghini




italian luxury automobile maker lamborghini has created a two wheel drive version of their coupé – ‘huracan LP 580-2’. specifically designed and engineered for its rear-wheel drive setup the new two door supercar combines dynamic looks with an enhanced driving package. ‘the lamborghini huracan LP 580-2 continues the lamborghini tradition of pure, visionary and technology driven models,explains stephan winkelmann president and CEO of lamborghini. ‘the rear-wheel drive model fits perfectly into our huracan family, appealing to those wanting an even more intense driving experience, or who currently drive other rear-wheel drive marques and aspire to driving a lamborghini. this is the purest expression of a lamborghini to date, with class-leading technological refinements. it is a serious car for serious drivers: it is maximum driving fun.’

lamborghini-huracan-LP-580-2-rear-wheel-designboom-02the ‘huracan’ has a mid-engine layout 




the ‘huracan’ has been tuned with a naturally aspirated V10 5.2 liter engine that outputs 580 HP to the rear axel. with less components than the four wheel drive version, the latest model weighs only 1,389 kg, making it 33 kg lighter. lamborghini adjusted the weight distribution to 40/60 reducing the inertia on the front axle from the power at the rear. a redesigned power management setup, incorporating a modified suspension and steering system, connects the driver as directly as possible with the road. the lamborghini ‘huracan LP 580-2’ made its’ debut at the 2015 los angeles auto show. 

lamborghini-huracan-LP-580-2-rear-wheel-designboom-03the rear dual exhaust system  lamborghini-huracan-LP-580-2-rear-wheel-designboom-04the full leather interior of the lamborghini huracan