lamborghini is bringing speed to the streets in a form other than automobiles with their new wave tenjin 2 sneakers. the italian auto manufacturer has teamed up with japanese running shoe brand mizuno, and the duo just dropped the latest in their 2-year long collaboration. the sneakers are inspired by lamborghini supercars, intending to take their passion for speed off the track and onto your feet.




the new wave tejin 2 from lamborghini x mizuno promises successful limitless performamce, using a rubber and carbon fibre base that converts weight into energy. the ‘smooth ride’ sole accompanies the foot dissipating the impact during mid-stance and finding the perfect flexion angle during the thrust phase of each step. X10—the rubber and carbon fibre mix used for the rear part of the sole—provides greater resistance in the hi-impact zones along with increased traction in the heel zone.




the shoe’s aesthetic takes the iconic hexagon pattern of the lamborgihi aventador’s rear window, using the structure to enhance the power of the shoe and better disperse perspiration. a hexagonal reflective piece on the heel provides both safety for the runner and a linkage to the tail lights of a lamborghini. to form the upper of the sneaker, light-weight polyester mesh is combined with carbon fiber-inspired syn, designed to give your foot the same feeling on sliding into the shoe that a driver experiences on stepping into a supercar.