lambretta introduces elettra, a futuristic electric scooter whose entire rear lifts up on its own

lambretta introduces elettra, a futuristic electric scooter whose entire rear lifts up on its own

Meet elettra, lambretta’s new electric scooter


During the International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition (EICMA) 2023 in Milan, the Italian vehicle company Lambretta returned to the spotlight with Elettra, an electric scooter whose hydraulic rear end lifts up automatically like a kinetic sculpture. As it goes up, the motor and storage spring to the scene. Between November 9th and 12th, visitors to the exhibition could see the cyber-city-looking motorcycle, which the company says is now in production.


From concept to reality, Lambretta’s Elettra modernizes the 77 years of history of the Italian company, borrowing design cues from its preceding scooters while upgrading them to tailor to contemporary urban commuters. Take the LED lighting as an example. The strip of semi-blue light lets the electric scooter glow in the dark. Its design accent highlights the futuristic visuals of the scooter, making the rider feel like they are cruising around a cyber city.

lambretta elettra electric scooter
images by Lambretta (unless stated)



Futuristic and sleek design for the modern scooter


Lambretta’s silver electric scooter will soon go into production, so fans of the Italian vehicle company can get their hands on the T-shaped handlebars of Elettra. Gone are the typical circular forms of the bars as the electric scooter goes for a rubberless and geometric handle design.


In front of the handlebars, a hexagonal white beam spills bright light for safe riding at night. It blasts LED-grade lighting to offer visibility to the rider, coupled with two other front lights found at the lower part of the scooter. These other two lights help the rider see the path clearer, especially for road bumps.

lambretta elettra electric scooter
Lambretta introduces Elettra, a futuristic electric scooter whose entire rear lifts up on its own



Lambretta’s elettra will soon go into production


Spurts of blue-green shades emerge around Lambretta’s Elettra, complementing the obvious silver and sleek contours of the electric scooter’s body. The cushioned seats and the rims of the wheels share the blue-green hues, adding a playful character to the scooter. Sharp and decisive lines delineate the sides and front of Elettra, and as they go behind, they soften up to make way for the rear end whose casing resembles gently bent steel.


Lambretta says that Elettra comes powered by an 11 kW, or 15 horsepower, electric motor. The battery’s charging time – lithium with 4.6 kWh – can last up to five hours and 30 minutes with a 220-volt home system, but thanks to its fast-charging capabilities, it can be charged up to 80 percent in around 35 minutes when the rider plugs it into public charging stations. The maximum cruising speed is offered at 110 km/h. As of publishing the story, Lambretta is yet to unveil the release date of the electric scooter Elettra.

lambretta elettra electric scooter
the LED lighting stands out as it surrounds the body of the electric scooter

lambretta elettra electric scooter
blue-green accents complement the silver, steel-like body of Lambretta’s Elettra


Elettra is Lambretta’s new electric scooter that will go into production soon

lambretta elettra electric scooter
Lambretta debuted Elettra during the recent EICMA 2023 in Milan, Italy | from here, images courtesy of EICMA

lambretta elettra electric scooter
Lambretta’s stand at EICMA 2023 with Elettra



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