mexico has literally ‘made it rain’ with a cloud that precipitates tequila. the ‘tequila cloud,’ created by the chicago-based creative agency lapiz, has been on show in berlin creative space urban spree and lets visiters fill a shot glass with freshly-rained booze. it may sound like the most mexican thing to have ever happened, and there’s a reason—the tequila cloud is a project comissioned by the mexican tourism board to encourage the people of germany to visit their country. to coyly highlight the different between rainy berlin and sunny mexico, lapiz has synced the cloud with the local weather patterns, so whenever it rained in berlin, the tequila cloud would begin precipitating booze.




since germany is the second larged export market for tequila in the world, the boozy cloud came from an incentive to mix the mexican thing berliners love with the german weather that they hate. lapiz formed the ’tequila cloud’ by using ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila at a frequency that turned it into visible mist, just like a cloud. the boozy mist then condensed into liquid form as it came into contact with a plastic container, making a real cloud rain tequila every time it rained in berlin. the tequila rain fell straight into the shot glasses of the surrounding audience, convincing them drip by drip to book a holiday south of the US border.




on the off chance that it wasn’t raining outside on the streets of berlin, a tap under the cloud stored up excess tequila for those who couldn’t wait for the tequila rain to start. sadly the tequila cloud are not get floating freely through the skies of mexico, but give it a few years the science of alcohol precipitation could make for some very fun parties. (43)
video courtesy of instagram @pojpojberlin (49)

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video courtesy of instagram @eadduci