merge music and art with laser engraved wooden boombox
all images courtesy of wooden boombox






the wooden boombox is a portable music player built into a custom designed and laser engraved wooden case. each one is made of solid mahogany which is laser cut and engraved on the island of hawaii. together with the finished wood, the company hand builds each one in north carolina, making sure every detail is ideal before they ship. local artists are commissioned to design each box, which are created in limited runs. once they’re gone, additional releases are the the discretion of the artist. 

wooden-boombox-designboom-02front panel of ‘the DJ’




the sound is poured through a 15W amplifier via a bluetooth connection or a 3.5 mm audio input that is then projected through two 3 inch full range speakers. each box roughly weighs two pounds and is powered by a rechargeable 12V 2200 mAh battery pack for hours of wireless playtime. wooden boombox life’s work is to merge music with art accompanied by a modern audio device that not only sounds amazing, but is an extension of their own personal style.  

wooden-boombox-designboom-03‘fast and slow’ edition 


wooden-boombox-designboom-04‘gold tip gang’




wooden-boombox-designboom-06‘the back packer’


wooden-boombox-designboom-07the backside of the ‘classic’


wooden-boombox-designboom-08backside of ‘the DJ’


wooden-boombox-designboom-09backside of ‘the gold tip gang’


wooden-boombox-designboom-10side panel of each version 


wooden-boombox-designboom-11each made of solid mahogany