laser light glow headphones pulse to the music and wearer’s heart beat
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the ‘glow headphones‘ from the self-named company, combine state-of the art sound technology with laser lights and an integrated heart rate sensor, to create a vivid and dynamic user experience. enhancing the flexible, laser-driven corning fibrance material, the cords pulsates to the beat of either the tracks or the wearer’s cardiac pulse. this not only reflects the powerful expression of the listener’s music but also showcases and lets them stay in tune with their inner-fitness.


let the lasers glow to express the powerful music
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the product which is being funded via a kickstarter campaign, has ergonomically-designed earbuds that follow the natural contour of the ear in order to fit perfectly and securely, as well as comfortably and easily for everyday activities. the smart headphones feature a negative profile that recesses to provide comfort even when the wearer is laying down or sleeping. the lightweight device uses a intuitive five-way controller that governs the music, makes calls, reads texts, activates a phone’s camera and opens apps with ease.

the earbuds house the heart rate monitors


the five-way controller governs many smart device features such as music, calls and cameras




the earbuds fit comfortably by following the natural curves of the ear




the lasers keeps the user updated with their heart rate


just like how music does, the headphones powerfully expresess the listener


the lasers come in blue, red or green colors




the smart device provides a unique listening experience