LED nostalgic clear bulb by panasonic LDAHV4L27CG
LED nostalgic clear bulb by panasonic LDAHV4L27CG
nov 15, 2011

LED nostalgic clear bulb by panasonic LDAHV4L27CG

the panasonic LDAHV4L27CG  LED bulb is the first in the world to use clear glass to show the light source.
with its single filament it uses just 4.4 watts. the ultra long life LED bulbs can achieve a lifetime of 40,000 hours
which is approximately 40 years (at usage of 2.7 hours per day).

lighting designers will appreciate them probably also because most of us still love the sharp shadows created
by clear tungsten bulbs. LED delivers 100% of the light instantly. so no need anymore to wait a warm up of the lamp.
you can finally truly use it in a staircase or bathroom or wherever the light needs to be switched on 100% instantly.
with same dimensions as the traditional light source, it can be used as a perfect replacement for incandescent light bulbs.
feel free now to switch on or switch off the bulb anytime as you want. the panasonic LED circuit enables almost
infinite switch on & off cycles (100,000 times) without damaging the lifetime.

high efficiency
besides being A-energy rating, panasonic LED bulbs are high in efficiency with 48 lm/W, a high lumen maintenance
of 70% at end of life and a high colour rendering of 80%.

japan institute of design promotion (JDP), japanʼs only comprehensive
design promotion organization, has released the results of the
special award winners. the panasonic LDAHV4L27CG, among other 11 projects, received the gold award in the japan good design award 2011.

LED nostalgic clear bulb by panasonic LDAHV4L27CG
full view of LED bulb
image © designboom

LED nostalgic clear bulb by panasonic LDAHV4L27CG
detail of the clear glass bulb
image © designboom

LED nostalgic clear bulb by panasonic LDAHV4L27CG
side by side comparison with the incandescent bulb
image © designboom

LED nostalgic clear bulb by panasonic LDAHV4L27CG
detail of the LED circuit
image © designboom

  • Your eyes evolved to read contrast. And have the ability to adjust to an array of lighting conditions. 20 watts is plenty. Your eyes will even adjust to much lower light levels and can use rods in lieu of cones in low light, you will see in black and white in conditions where there is not enough light to read in color.
    As this relates to this story, the 20 to 4 ratio is a comparison of efficiency. LED uses only 20% of the energy of a conventional bulb. +/-
    A better question why shape it like a historical A lamp?

  • It looks to me as if the light will move away from the lamp in one direction. I can’t see this form creating a radial glow like a standard tungsten lamp does.

    TOM the electronics for the LED will no doubt be concealed in the base under the aluminium plate. The same way compact fluorescent lamps have the electronics in the base.

  • max, I’m sorry. I didn’t understand what you mean in the first place.
    LYNNE, thanks for the explanation.

  • Why don’t they put it inside this?
    [url=https://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/8/view/4410/tokyo-design-week-08-flat-bulb-by-joonhuyn-kim.html] flat bulb [/url]

  • Em,
    Max is right, it says 4.4W, replacing 20W standard lamp, on the pic it is also standard 20W lamp compared to 4.4W LED


    Great to have a direct replacement for incandescent lamps – but you still need to wire in an LED driver too

  • max, I don’t think you know anything about LED light.
    only 6w LED light can make you blind,
    and also “20w”, which you mentioned, was old lightbull spec.

  • Nice, but what are you going to do with 20 watts? 40000 hours of book reading? please give us 60 watts +

  • Nice. But what is the color spectrum?

    Marc D.

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