leica M-D: a softhearted digital rangefinder that skips the rear screen
all images courtesy of leica




leica increases the number of digital ‘M-generation’ cameras to five with the ‘M-D’ digital rangefinder. it is the first serial production model of the digital family to be made without a monitor screen. the usual location of the screen on the back is now taken over by the ISO sensitivity setting dial. 


video courtesy of leica




although the leica ‘M-D’ embodies the entire range of technical advantages perfected over decades, it intentionally omits all but the most essential technical features. the radical reduction promotes the user’s concentration on what is essential – the photograph.

the leica ‘M-D’ 




the technical qualities of the leica ‘M-D’ are based on the those of the leica ‘M’ (typ 262). just like the  other digital ‘M’ cameras, this iteration features a high resolution CMOS full-frame sensor, albeit one that is dedicated exclusively to rangefinder photography and supports neither video recording nore live view. its 24 megapixel resolution ensures exceptional imaging quality and extreme sensitivity to light. exposures are saved exclusively as RAW data in DNG format, which enables photographers to apply all typical adjustments for digital images that may be desired in post-processing software. 

the shutter button and dial




an invaluable advantage is the shutter cocking system that is particularly quite in single exposure and enables a shutter frequency of up to two frames per second. in continuous mode, the leica ‘M-D’ has the same sequential shooting speed as its sister model and shoots up to three frames per second. the camera is now on sale and includes also a leather carrying strap. 

the monitor has been replaced with ISO sensitivity setting dial

the model has all the technical qualities based on the those of the leica ‘M’ (typ 262)