aluminum body leica SL camera sets new standards in mirrorless technology 
all images courtesy of leica




the leica ‘SL’ 26 MP full frame CMOS sensor system marks a new era of professional photography made in germany. the match components, from the high-quality lenses to its electronic viewfinder, guarantee exception imaging performance. 




developed especially for the leica ‘SL’, this electronic viewfinder is the first of its kind to feature ‘eyeres’ technology. with a latency time below the threshold of perception, this electronic viewfinder offers a final image visible before the shutter release is pressed, which enables optimum control over the final picture in any situation. 

leica-SL-mirrorless-camera-designboom-02the sensor has ISO sensitivity range from 50 to 50,000




from the beginning, resilience and robustness were at the focus of the leica ‘SL’s’ development. the body components are machined from solid aluminum, precisely engineered seals around controls and in the lenses provide optimum protection against dust, moisture, and splashes for the sensitive technology inside. at the same time, integrated ultrasonic sensor cleaning removes dust and dirt from the sensor. the glass covering the back panel display is extremely scratch resistant and features an anti-reflex coating. all these properties make the camera a great tool for use in the rough, everyday conditions faced by professional photographers. 

leica-SL-mirrorless-camera-designboom-03the touch-sensitive displayleica-SL-mirrorless-camera-designboom-04the camera body is made from high-grade aluminum


video courtesy of leica



leica-SL-mirrorless-camera-designboom-05the ‘EyeRes’ viewfinder leica-SL-mirrorless-camera-designboom-06the mirrorless technology slims the profile of camera bodyleica-SL-mirrorless-camera-designboom-07the image goes straight onto the CMOS sensor

leica-SL-mirrorless-camera-designboom-08 ‘SL’ camera offers access to a 145 different lenses