leica water and shock proofs X-U camera to perform under the toughest conditions
all images courtesy of leica





leica looks to handle pouring rain, tropical heat and blizzards with a rugged companion camera ready for any outdoor project or journey. the ’X-U’ is shockproof, dust and water sealed that defies the elements with ease. its minimized and intuitive handling guarantees users ultimate creative freedom and the ability to react in a flash as opportunities arise.

leica-X-U-waterproof-camera-designboom-02leica together with AUDI design shape the body of the ‘X-U’




the robust leica ‘X-U’ with its extra large sensor and first-class lens, delivers pin-sharp pictures under even the toughest conditions. shockproofing resists falls of up to 1.22 meters, and waterproofing for 60 minutes at depths up to 15 meters. the practical underwater snapshot button enables it to capture underwater worlds at the press of a button. the fast prime lens with an underwater protection filter delivers pictures with high resolution and in great detail.

leica-X-U-waterproof-camera-designboom-03the three inch LCD screen




the appearance of the leica ‘X-U’ was developed in cooperation with AUDI design. it skillfully combines robust, extremely high quality materials with classic looks of leica ‘X’ cameras. made in germany, the dials are in anodized aluminum and the integrated flash clearly illustrates the attention to detail. 

leica-X-U-waterproof-camera-designboom-08the top anodized aluminum dials 




the ‘X-U’ is constructed with a perfectly sealed body with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) armoring for ideal grip with a specially toughened protective cover for the three-inch LCD screen. top and bottom plates made from premium aluminum and a failsafe double locking system for the battery compartment and memory card slot. the APS-C format CMOS sensor guarantees natural color rendition and exceptional resolution of the finest details, even in low light. the ’summilux’ lens has an age of view equivalent to a 35 mm lens in 35 mm format with a fast initial aperture of f/1.7. the camera also records video in a choice of 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 pixel resolution at 30 full frames per second in MP4 video format.

leica-X-U-waterproof-camera-designboom-09the ‘X-U’ with the stock leica strapleica-X-U-waterproof-camera-designboom-04 leica-X-U-waterproof-camera-designboom-05the 35 mm ’summilux’ lensleica-X-U-waterproof-camera-designboom-06the casing is shockproof, dust and water sealedleica-X-U-waterproof-camera-designboom-11 the camera can handle drops of up to 1.22 meters