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lenovo's rollable screens for smartphones & PCs enlarge and shrink in just few seconds

Growing lenovo screens for new phones & laptops


Size matters, and Lenovo proves it with the stretchable OLED screen displays of their new laptops and smartphones. For its smartphones, the flexible OLED screens vertically grow from four inches to 6.5 inches in just a few seconds, and who does not love a stretchable screen that adjusts to the users’ needs whenever they want? Smaller screens are easier to carry while bigger screens are fun for viewing and browsing.


Users can now avoid being smacked on the face with their smartphone as they lie on the bed and surf the internet. If their right hand gets tired from holding such a big smartphone, Lenovo’s flexible OLED screen can shrink to four inches, so users can hold their smartphone in their left hand while their right hand takes a break. Lenovo understands the pain of carrying a big and heavy smartphone, so the tech company wants to make it easier for users to choose between a compact and long size.

lenovo rollable screens
images & videos courtesy of Lenovo, via Youtube



Rollable display doesn’t sacrifice screen size


Lenovo’s flexible OLED screens have been introduced by Luca Rossi, the Executive Vice President and President of the Intelligent Devices Group of Lenovo, in a video that reminds viewers of what they can expect in the Lenovo Tech World 2022. In the video, he says that Lenovo has pioneered some tech advancements in the electronics industry including its 360-degree convertible laptop and the series of foldable devices under its ThinkPad and Motorola Razr series.


‘One component technology we have invested in is flexible OLED screens,’ says Rossi in the video. ‘Here is an example that we are working on…’ He reaches inside his suit pocket and brings out the company’s new smartphone series with rollable screens. When he describes the feature, Rossi says that the flexible OLED display does not sacrifice screen size ‘when you need it.’ That sounds about right.

lenovo rollable screens
Lenovo smartphone screen enlarges from 4 to 6.5 inches in just a few seconds



Lenovo also expands display size of laptops


Lenovo acknowledges the tons of potential that rollable screens could bring to users. With that in mind, the tech company is also gearing toward vertically expanding the screen sizes of its laptops. ‘It will bring multitasking, browsing, and mobility applications to another level,’ says Rossi in the video.


Internet residents seem to love the idea of flexible screens for their smartphones and laptops with comments from users that range from ‘great concept – I can’t wait to see future designs’ to ‘more vertical real estate is really desirable with programmers and office workers.’ While Lenovo is yet to specify the complete features of their new smartphones and laptops, fans can expect that rollable screen displays are on the table.

lenovo rollable screens
the Lenovo rollable screens also shrink quite fast

lenovo rollable screens
the rollable screen for Lenovo’s new smartphones and laptops are underway


Lenovo rollable screens


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name: Rollable and flexible OLED screens

company: Lenovo

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