lenovo yoga tablet 2 pro 180° rotating kickstand projects 50″ displays
images courtesy of levono




the lenovo ‘yoga tablet 2 pro’ features a 180° rotating kickstand that can not only hold the device up but also projects 50inch displays. this integrated projector transforms any dark room into a home theater by illuminating videos and pictures on to any wall or ceiling. with the built-in JBL twin front-facing speakers, 5W bass subwoofer and dolby surround sound, the user can enjoy movies in a cinema-esque environment. at the same time, the handheld product has a quad HD 2560×1440 resolution screen that ranges from 13.3inches to 8″ depending on which model of five it is. the enhanced kickstand holds the gadget up for the user and can rotate nearly 180° to hang on hooks. this enables people to cook, eat and work out whilst still being able to see the screen.


tour of the lenovo yoga table 2 capabilities
videos courtesy of lenovo




inside, the ‘yoga tablet 2 pro’ includes an intel atom processor that supports high-speed 4G LTE networks and can run on either an android 4.4 kitkat or windows 8.1. this makes the device capable of fast browsing, streaming and downloading for both work or play. a bluetooth-enabled keyboard – that doubles as a hard cover – snaps into place allowing people to message, email and type with much more ease. its usage is also helped because of the 15 hour battery life cylinder that offers an ergonomic grip and changes weight distribution. the new tablet is part of the new ‘yoga’ range from lenovo that includes a watchband hinge laptop.


the projector demo




close up of the integrated camera


a bluetooth-enabled keyboard snaps onto the ablet


it has 8MP rear and 1.6MP front cameras




the kickstand rotates to allow users to hang it on hooks


it projects up to 50″ displays onto walls and ceilings


ashton kutcher holding the lenovo yoga tablet 2 pro



day in the life of aston kutcher’s lenovo yoga tablet 2