‘levitatr’ retractable bluetooth keyboard, designed by james stumpf

currently in the prototype stage, the ‘levitatr‘ bluetooth keyboard designed by american james stumpf is a flat-surface device that becomes a tactile keyboard at the touch of a button. when ready to be used, backlit keys elevate from the face of the device, and can be lowered back in for easy transport and to protect the keyboard against dust and crumbs entering within. low-profile scissor switches are utilized for key actuation, while five hot keys for basic iPad functions are also built into the device.

measuring 12.5mm thick, the keyboard is composed of an aluminum chassis with upper and lower faces and key caps of injection-molded polycarbonate. the ‘alumnm’ aluminum kickstand is built into ‘levitatr’ to hold mobile devices at a 20 to 30 -degree angle, and latched into the keyboard via magnets when not in use.

‘levitatr’ is powered by 4 AAA batteries, and has been tested on a range of apple devices, the HP touchpad, and samsung galaxy tab. the designer is currently seeking kickstarter funding and taking preorders for production.

demo of ‘levitatr’ as designer james stumpf discusses the project

levitatr retractable keyboard frontal view of the device in use with kickstand

levitatr retractable keyboard ‘levitatr’

levitatr retractable keyboard view of the device with keys retracted and ‘alumnm’ kickstand locked in

levitatr retractable keyboard detail on ‘alumnm’ kickstand

levitatr retractable keyboard front and 3/4 rear views of the device in use

via technabob levitatr retractable keyboard

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