F1 champion lewis hamilton + MV agusta uncover limited edition dragster RR LH44
image courtesy of MV agusta





focusing on dedicated collectors and racing enthusiasts, MV agusta presented at EICMA 2015 a limited edition ‘dragster RR LH44’ heavily influenced by 2015 formula one world champion lewis hamilton. the truly exclusive machine features a highly detailed contribution with the mercedes AMG petronas driver and the designers at MV agusta with over fifty facets that make the custom motorcycle stand out from the standard ‘dragster RR’. working closely with the research center at MV agusta, lewis ensured that bike specifications and performance perfectly matched his requirements, from concept to the hand-assembled production.


introducing the lewis hamilton ‘dragster RR LH44’
video courtesy of MV agusta




like the standard ‘dragster’ the engine is a three cylinder power unit that unleashes 140 hp at 13,100 rpm. changes have been made to the electronic injection, which has an advanced six injector system and a reshaped fuel tank interior that provides the necessary space and keeps everything hidden from view. the graphics from hamilton’s helmet set the tone for the color scheme of the motorcycle, where it features a white color scheme and the panther logo, which was also sewn into the quilt finished saddle. the three-time world champion’s number 44 also makes an appearance on the exhaust manifolds and gas tank. the MV agusta lewis hamilton ‘dragster RR LH44’ will be limited to only 244 bikes. check out more designboom’s coverage of 2015 EICMA here.  

three time world champion lewis hamilton next the motorcycle 
image courtesy of MV agusta

hamilton’s decal on the gas tank 
image © designboom

the custom saddle 
image courtesy of MV agusta

hamilton’s number 44 
image courtesy of MV agusta

the limited edition motorcycle at EICMA 2015 
image © designboom

the exclusive bike is based on the ‘dragster 800 RR’ 
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the triple exhaust system 
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the 798 cc engine 
image © designboom

the front headlights 
image © designboom

the LED rear lights 
image © designboom

the standard MV agusta ‘dragster 800 RR’ 
image courtesy of MV agusta