LEXUS develops car that displays driver’s heartbeat while racing
all images courtesy of LEXUS




to visual the heart pounding performance the of LEXUS ‘RC F’, the japanese luxury maker set out to connect the driver to the car like never before. by developing a unique biometric paint that connects to drivers heart rate sensor, they could display the heartbeat on the car. this project help measure the output of both, the driver and the 5.0 L V8 car. it also showed the thrill a race car driver gets going all out in the car. the LEXUS ‘RC F’ heartbeat project also showcases the racing coupe’s aggressive wide stance, that is punctuated by design elements that includ head turning LED headlamps, sharp hood vents, front cooling ducts, signature ‘F’ badging and a LEXUS spindle grille set low in the front. check out designboom’s coverage of other LEXUS car projects here


video courtesy of LEXUS


the biometric paint covers the whole car


LEXUS chose the ‘RC F’ racing model


the system connects to a heart rate monitor attached to the driver


the race was conducted at night with the racetrack light with LEDs