LG 21:9 ultrawide gaming monitor leads their expanded lineup for CES
images courtesy of LG electronics




the LG ’21:9 ultrawide gaming monitor’ that was developed specifically to support intense graphics, leads the electronics company’s CES 2015 expanded lineup of screens. compatible with AMD‘s freesync technology, it guarantees the smoothest and most seamless video-gaming experience in an exceptional wide-angled field of view. the black stabilizer software that illuminates dark scenes, and the dynamic action sync mode which minimizes input lag to make gameplay truly real time, are also installed on the advanced display.

these three and the digital cinema 4k monitors will all be on display at LG’s CES 2015 booth




‘AMD freesync technology is an innovative monitor technology, based on free and open industry standards, to eliminate the tearing and stuttering that has plagued PC gaming for 30 years,’ said roy taylor, corporate vice president of ISV/IHV partner group, AMD. ‘we are pleased that LG electronics stands with us with truly exciting AMD freesync-ready displays like the LG ultrawide gaming monitor.’


‘LG’s premium 21:9 ultrawide monitors are designed with the unique needs of consumers in mind,’ said in-kyu lee, senior vice president and head of the TV and monitor division at the LG electronics home entertainment company. ‘the industry has come a long way from the days when one display design was thought to be suitable for all users. with the amount of time we spend in front of monitors, there’s a lot of room for specialized monitors in our lives.’

the gaming monitor and the multi-display




with the ’21:9 ultrawide gaming monitor’ headlining LG’s CES 2015 product range launch, the manufacturer will also be displaying the new quad HD resolution ‘curved 34-inch ultrawide monitor’ that allows creative professionals to view more images as thumbnails and to watch video sequences for longer. it is joined by the ’21:9 curved ultrawide multi-display’ which provides stock traders and other financial professionals with various multiple-section set-up options, and the ‘digital cinema 4k monitor’ that features more pixels than UHD boldness.