LG gizmopal keeps families connected through kid-friendly wearable
images courtesy of LG




the LG ‘gizmopal’ keeps families connected with a wireless kid-friendly wearable device that provides an easy way of keeping track of the wearer and a simple two-way calling system. the technology enables children independence whilst letting the parents stay informed with their whereabouts via a location check function on the companion smartphone app. as well as the real-time location tracking, the android and iOS compatible application has a remote device management which shows the wearable’s battery life, low energy notifications and frequently visited places, and controls the contact selections, volume and auto answer function.

the device is available in pink and blue




the LG ‘gizmopal’ enables the child to use the single-button to call two pre-selected caregivers by pressing twice, and can receive calls from up to four preregistered numbers. the wearable gadget automatically answers after 10 seconds to ensure communication even in noisy environments, in order to keep parents informed. the product has been manufactured from safe, sturdy and durable materials to withstand a child’s daily active lifestyle and has a water resistant rating of IPX3 to survive everyday use. also with a LED that glows when the battery level drops below 20%, the LG ‘gizmopal’ keeps both the child and guardians easily informed and connected with each other.

it is easy to carry around as it only weighs 1.48 oz


the gizmopal is made from durable materials in order to cope with children’s active lifestyle