LG minibeam nano brings home theatre to the mobile generation
all images courtesy of LG electronics





younger generation of viewers often have trouble justifying buying large televisions for an apartment because they’ll probably be moving out in a year or so. not to mention, media is mainly consumed from the internet for mobile viewing through smartphones and tablets. but what if young people want to share a viewing experience with a group during a party, or traveling? huddling around a tablet or laptop is uncomfortable and a problematic event. LG electronics understands mobile displays shouldn’t cut back on shared group experiences, so they’ve decide to create the relatively tiny LG ‘minibeam nano’, which delivers high mobility and versatility to consumers who want an enjoyable cinematic experience without the trouble of wires and weight. 

the projector features a USB, HDMI connection with an audio out jack




the mini projector is a serious advancement to a product that dates back to the 1420s image lanterns that utilized candles as a light source. the ‘minibeam nano’ uses the latest LED technology to display rich and natural colors to a picture up to 100 inches (2.54 meters) diagonally so friends and family can enjoy the home theater experience together. weighing only 9.52 ounces (270 grams), the projector features a wireless mirror function that allows it to effortlessly connect to a smartphone or tablet through ‘miracast’ and ‘wifi direct’ pairing. the LG ‘minibeam nano’ also includes a built in 3,800 mach battery that can play for up to two hours on battery alone. the projector will be available starting in June in key markets including north america, asia and europe. 

weighs only 9.52 ounces (270 grams)


it includes a rechargeable battery that can power for up to two hours