LG reveals rollable desktop keyboard for optimum portability
all images courtesy of LG electronics





when travel, masters of packing always roll their clothing ensure maximum efficiency. in an effort to capture a larger share of the growing mobile accessories market LG electronics unveiled a solid rollable wireless portable keyboard. the ‘rolly’ folds up along the four rows to create an easy to carry stick that fits into one’s pocket as easily as any purse or briefcase. LG-rolly-keyboard-designboom-02keyboard rolls to fit in small bags




high contract keys and a fold out mobile device stand, typing on the ‘roll’ keyboard is comfortable because its 17 mm key pitch is nearly as good as the 18 mm key pitch encountered on most desktop keyboards. made of impact resistant and sturdy polycarbonate and ABS plastic, typing on the keyboard offers tactile feedback not found on flexible silicone keyboards. two arms fold out to support smartphones as well as tablets in an vertical position.

LG-rolly-keyboard-designboom-03includes a stand for tablets and smartphones




unfolding the keyboard facilitates the auto pairing function to connect to two separate devices at the same via bluetooth 3.0 with the cleverness to toggle among the two with a key press. one AAA battery powers it for up to three months of standard use. the LG ‘rolly’ keyboard will make its debut in september in the united states.

LG-rolly-keyboard-designboom-04automatically connects using bluetooth 3.0 


LG-rolly-keyboard-designboom-05comes in both silver and black


LG-rolly-keyboard-designboom-06the ‘rolly’ keyboard is powered by one AAA battery