CES 2024 meets transparent LED displays by LG and samsung


Ahead of CES 2024, an electronics show that runs between January 9th and 12th, 2024, in Las Vegas, LG and Samsung unveil their transparent LED displays that project movies and images on glass like holograms. A potential game-changer for home entertainment, the entrance of the transparent LED displays using see-through glass can bring inanimate objects to life by becoming overlays. For example, users can project slideshows or moving clips, and these fresh takes on TVs can double as active home furnishings.


In fact, LG seems to have this in mind when they introduced LG Signature OLED TV, a revamped sibling of the brand’s first OLED TV in 2013, a rollable OLED TV in 2019, and a wireless OLED TV just in 2023. While it is not rollable, the brand combines the features of its predecessors into a single see-through glass display with LG Signature OLED TV. It uses wireless AV transmission and reception technology to eliminate all kinds of wires other than the power source around the transparent screen, making it a candidate for the world’s first wireless transparent LED display for homes, offices, and other private and commercial spaces.

lg samsung transparent led displays ces 2024
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LG Signature OLED TV with two display modes


LG’s transparent OLED display and TV make it an ideal appliance to be freely installed anywhere at home, be it in front of the living room window or even inside the kitchen. Users may not need to worry about the daylight infiltrating the screen and making it difficult to see what is projected since the LG Signature OLED TV comes in two modes. The first is called Transparency Mode, which gives the TV a 3D, hologram effect. For example, when the users want to pull up a moving screensaver, such as blooming flowers or fish swimming in the ocean, the space behind the screen and the content overlap, making the visuals appear as if they were right in the space of viewing.


The Black Screen Mode might suit everyday TV use since it darkens the transparent OLED display, so users can enjoy watching movies or playing games. LG’s Signature OLED TV comes with 4K resolution packed in a 77-inch display and an Alpha 11 Processor, which is an engine equipped with enhanced AI performance to improve the projected graphics performance by up to 70 percent, as LG claims. It also has an OLED T-bar mode which displays the date, weather, major news, and others in the form of a bar at the bottom of the transparent screen, so the users are always on the pulse of current events. LG says that its transparent LED display, which is present at CES 2024, is scheduled to be released in global markets, including Korea, within the year.

lg samsung transparent led displays ces 2024
LG’s Signature OLED TV unveiled at CES 2024



Samsung debuts its transparent MICRO LED display 


Samsung has also debuted its new transparent MICRO LED display that can animate motionless surroundings and objects. Visitors to CES 2024 can witness firsthand how the see-through glass functions, and Samsung is yet to release the full specifications of its new smart device. It can bring up memories of science fiction movies where they navigate the spaceships with the help of the hologram-like display in front of them. It is happening now with the arrival of Samsung’s MICRO LED display since two people can stand on each side of the screen and still see each other as images, movies, or slideshows play on the glass.


Samsung’s transparent LED display at CES 2024 appears to have no edge or linings, making it easier to place it in any setting or location. The electronics company has not yet announced the commercialization of its display, but given its crystal-clear and glass-like display combined with the MICRO LED technology, users may need to ready their pockets or credit cards for their purchase. It might all be worth it since they can play with Samsung’s transparent LED display around to suit their viewing lifestyle and position it almost anywhere they want since the projected imagery on the glass can remain viewable.

lg samsung transparent led displays ces 2024
LG’s transaprent LED TV shows what’s behind the screen

lg samsung transparent led displays ces 2024
LG’s transparent LED display at CES 2024

lg samsung transparent led displays ces 2024
first look at Samsung’s new transparent MICRO LED display at CES 2024

lg samsung transparent led displays ces 2024
images seem to because of the see-through glass-like display


watch Samsung’s new transparent MICRO LED display at CES 2024



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