limemakers wieland schmidt nervs are physics defying 3D printed bowls
images courtesy of limemakers




on display at designjunction, part of the london design festival, limemakers wieland schmidt ‘nervs’ collection tests the limits of 3D printing with their physics defying forms. the three bowls change the way in which we think about tableware by featuring abstract patterns that still have a natural feel. the microscopic mesh structure was influenced by various shapes of nature and was created using technology that stimulates instinctive cell growth.





limemakers is a label for designers and artists to reshape the future of design by embracing 3D fabrication. the berlin-based company merges fashion and product design using generative technologies that hint at what prospective digital production may look like. the nervs line exemplifies this vision as the useful tableware objects offer a challenging yet attractive alternative to conventional styles. 

the mesh structure dips in the middle like a conventional bowl


bowl 1’s side view


the top view of wieland schmidt’s creation


the style was sourced from a variety of nature shapes


the collection is on display at london design festival’s designjunction