lipton asks 5.5 designstudio to bring tea making into the 21st century
all images courtesy of 5.5 designstudio






when lipton asked 5.5 designstudio to come up with a tea maker around the air movement infusion system, what came to their minds was the storyline of a traditional tea preparation ceremony that nevertheless met the new consumer trend for pod style hot beverage makers. the studio had to create something that evoked those same traditions and preparations processes of a delicious tea while offering a machine ideal for lifestyles that value efficiency. 

lipton-5.5-designstudio-t.o-tea-maker-designboom-025.5 designers with the tea maker




the lines of the ’t.o’ tea maker are designed to resemble a statuesque pediment with a backdrop for the infusion chamber that forms the nerve center of the device. similar to a traditional glass teapot in which the tea leaves release their flavor, the machine embodies the swirling bubbles and aromas. once infused, the tea leaves simply return to the pod and the tea dispenses lightly into the cup thanks to the teapot-like design of the pour spout





to integrate with all types interiors, 5.5 designstudio have developed a range of four metallic colors in acknowledge to the four main types of tea – white, red, green, and black. this diverse range of colors gives ’t.o’ a decorative quality ideal for kitchens as well as lounges, to enjoy tea at any time.lipton-5.5-designstudio-t.o-tea-maker-designboom-04profile of the ‘t.o’ tea makerlipton-5.5-designstudio-t.o-tea-maker-designboom-05the water basin includes a brita water filterlipton-5.5-designstudio-t.o-tea-maker-designboom-06the top view lipton-5.5-designstudio-t.o-tea-maker-designboom-07the tea capsule lipton-5.5-designstudio-t.o-tea-maker-designboom-08 artistic design sketches e lipton-5.5-designstudio-t.o-tea-maker-designboom-11the design process of the tea maker