liquipel: full smartphone component waterproofing



presented as the 2.0 version at the 2013 consumer electronics show in las vegas, liquipel is conceived not as a case, but a nano-sized coating. the technology is capable of protecting a smartphone’s circuitry in the event of accidental water exposure without inhibiting any of device’s funcionality. stated as 100 times more effective than the original formula, the newly enhanced ‘liquipel coating’ permeates the entire device and bonds to it on a molecular level leaving it watersafe for years to come.


plans are to implement the process into retail locations, with the first store scheduled to open at the west edmonton mall in canada later this year.



liquipel 2.0: smartphone waterproofing without a case

water deflection on the device



liquipel 2.0: smartphone waterproofing without a case

contextual demonstration



liquipel coating process